Argentina Ruta 40


In the scenic routes underlies a fundamental concept, most of the time, understated: to integrate landscape and road. They do not represent an excuse to sell. They are not in themselves a product or relegate travelers to a meager consumer role. Somehow, the search to transcend the commercial bond of the tourist with the environment, promotes the development of a sense of interdependence, reciprocal integration, between visitor and landscape. Maybe Ruta 40, on several of its sections, could be considered a scenic route.

Presentation of the Book Argentina Ruta 40

Santiago Kovadloff


The true intimacy is not private, it is an offering. And in this case, for me, the offer consists precisely in orchestrating a repertoire of emotions and convictions that we gained through the cohabitation with Luis Castelli and without a doubt, also with Alfredo Lichter, about our location. Because for me the question is our location, I mean, where we are, in company of whom and of what.


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