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Centros de interpretación FUNAFU

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Galarza Interpretive Station

An homage to Argentinean typical architecture, the “rancho”, built by local community following a technique transmitted through the generations.

This center is divided in two salons. One is dedicated to the cultural aspects, where once can find information about local settlers, their household styles, methods and construction materials used, crafts production and customs. In the other one, dedicated to natural aspects, one can find information regarding existing local fauna diversity, where the pampas deer, strange-tailed tyrant and saffron-cowled blackbird are highlighted. These animals are considered the most representatives of the area, and are considered to be on the verge of extinction. cartier replica watches

Working Team:

Executive Director: Oscar Iriani.

Museologist: Carlos Fernández Balboa.

Rancho Construction: Galarza site residents, Park-ranger Daniel Leguiza and Ernesto Gallelli. 

Graphic Design: Mariano Masariche.

Set-up: Gustavo Encina, Ernesto Gallelli and Park-ranger Eduardo Gómez.

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RSE. Responsabilidad Social Empresaria