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Centros de interpretación FUNAFU

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Mercedes Interpretive Center.

The culture of Corrientes and its relationship with the environment. The production, music, tradition, customs that are honor and pride of the people of Corrientes.

In this center we find ourselves in a wide room hosting an exposition that explains to the visitors the local customs and traditions, enabling the to appreciate both the type of household construction as well as more ordinary items found in it replica watches. There is also information available on typical and historical garments of the inhabitants. At the same time, there is an important reference to productive activities of the region, as cattle raising and agriculture. Faith also has its own space and is represented by the figures of the Virgen de las Mercedes, Gauchito Gil and San Baltazar. The visitor’s center also has an audiovisual room, where conferences can be held rolex copy watches and videos projected. The tour ends with an invitation to Iberá Lagoon, considering Merecedes as the main entry to the delights of nature in Esteros del Iberá. Work Team Executive Director: Oscar Iriani. Museologist: Claudio Bertonatti. Montage: Marcelo Noailles, Gustavo Encina, Diego Guerrico, Ricardo Mambrin. Prints: Diego Guerrico.

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